A Robust Connectivity Hub

Tools That Make You Better

Baked-in features like automatic reminders, calculators, and intelligent notifications.

Securely Share Files

Enable your clients to digitally store policy information for life.

Viral Client Network

On our platform, your clients generate tons of new opportunities.

Manage a Relationship

Clients need support as they grow in life. Stay close to them in LegacyShield® and you'll be there when they need you.

Valuable Insights

You'll know how and when to reach out to your customers with living insight into your clients' ever-changing needs.


The Differences That Make All The Difference

Clients create, store, and preserve their information and select when each item is shared, to whom, and when.

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New Opportunities

Your Clients Connect You With New Prospects

As a platform that inspires sharing and collaboration, LegacyShield® allows your clients to bring new opportunities to your door.

When customers enter our platform everyone is very excited to connect with their friends and family to set up their plans for sharing their important documents. As your customers plan their futures a lot of networking opportunities present themselves.

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"My clients have never been so eager to connect me with their friends and family."
Francis L.

Advisor, TX

Troy S


I want to share my new policy with my brothers. I'll invite them to the platform so they can access it.

Lisa R

North Carolina

I connected with all my children on LegacyShield® so they'll have a way to find all my financial information when I'm gone.

David E.


I'm storing all my key information on this platform with my advisor for the peace of mind it brings.

Kim P


My family is going to need help when I am no longer here.


Grow your practice, enrich your client relationships and offer LegacyShield® today.

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