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Powerful Tools

Identify and Manage New Opportunities

You'll always be apprised of what’s happening and what’s important with your consumers and advisors through LegacyShield's connectivity drivers.

"LegacyShield provides your stakeholders with a single platform to enhance the consumer journey and drive insights through a highly connected and integrated experience."
Dan Pierson

Founder - LegacyShield®

Expand Your Audience

A Platform That Drives New Premium

Remove the barrier of connecting with your consumers through their advisor. LegacyShield® creates a community, driving new connections and opportunities.

  • Your consumers happily connect you and their advisors with new prospects
  • Use data-driven insights to recommend offerings to current consumers
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Communicate With Consumers On Their Terms

Don't let your legacy systems limit the customer's experience

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Tools That Empower The Carrier

Secure E-policy Delivery

Eliminate friction from delivering insurance policies to customers while benefiting from a dynamic and continuous feedback loop after delivery.

Messaging & Communication

Collaborate with customers in real time to remove obstacles in the way of their insurance purchasing decisions.

Targeted Product Marketing

Make an impact on your customers by putting products in front of them based on their comprehensive profiles.

Seamless Connectivity

The channels between carriers, distributors, and consumers have finally been bridged in an intuitive network.

Digital Product Distribution

Continue to deliver on your existing relationships with new products and continuous stewardship of old products.


Provide your clients with their own unique experience

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