Military-Grade Security

Because protecting your information is a war

Protecting your data is a never-ending process. Our CTO built the system with the same standards he used when building systems for our national security. In addition to using AES 256 bit encryption in motion and at rest, we employ row-level encryption with individual encryption keys.

More than just words

Our enterprises do regular due diligence

We have a higher standard because our enterprises do their due diligence. Unlike free services or direct-to-consumer companies, we have enterprises watching over us to make us prove what we say.

Strict Procedures
Secure Devices
US Developers
Internal Policies
Restricted Servers
People & Procedures

Most things start at home

Did you know the biggest security flaws start with mistakes made by people and poor procedures? We know this! That is why we institute strict internal policies and procedures. From completely secure, locked-down desktops and mobile devices to restricted access to our servers, we start the security process inside our organization. We employ only US developers, and no one employee has access to your personal information.


“I’ve spent my entire career building security around complex systems for mission critical initiatives. All of that knowledge and a lifetime of experience has been poured into LegacyShield®. ”


LegacyShield® CTO

We don't sleep at night so you can.